Frequently Asked Questions

Errand.Ng is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Last Mile Delivery, and Errand business. Our mission is to make everyday life easier by solving Last Mile Delivery, Errand and Third-Party logistics problems.

We deliver and pick up packages across Nigeria and we also send packages to over 180 countries of the world through our expansive network.

Any legitimate item that can fit into one of our transport mediums (Bags, Bikes, Vehicles and Airplanes). Please note that Errand.Ng does not accept money, negotiable items or contraband goods for carriage or shipment.

Errand.Ng reserves the right to inspect all shipments and any item may also be subjected through security checks deemed necessary without any notice to the shipper or sender.

You can contact us via email or telephone if you have any special requests and we would look into how we can be of service to you in that regard.

It depends on the destination of your item. However, shipment within Nigeria will take 0-2 days.

In a case where your item is extra valuable, please ensure you have your own personal insurance cover for added peace of mind. However, in the event of any theft or loss, we would validate that the value inputted is realistic and then arrange for a fee commensurate to that loss.

You can get a price estimate from our home page using the shipping calculator or you can call us on 012933213 if you are offline. The exact amount would actually depend on factors such as value of item(s), size, weight, and delivery location.

Available to our B2B customers, this option is our most cost effective. Give us multiple packages and multiple stops, and we’ll route them into one efficient route, and charge you the same per kilometre rate you love.

We operate between 8:30a.m and 5.00p.m Mondays to Saturdays.

Yes we accept payment on behalf of our customers for local shipments, but not in all locations and not also for international shipments.

You can always track your shipment on our website or call us anytime on 01 2933213.

Once your package is delivered, you will be alerted via email and sms.

We run all errands and can pick-up and deliver all non-contraband items. However, we do not run illegal errands or deliver packages that fall foul of the law.

Although we will endeavor to ensure your package reaches its destination in good condition, but, it will be in your interest to ensure your items are well and carefully packaged. We take extra caution in handling fragile items sometimes at extra little cost.

We take extra and very careful measures in handling all our shipments.

Call us immediately on any of our help line 012933213.

You can contact us anytime if you do have any special requests. We are always open to finding exciting ways to solve all logistics problems.

Please send us an email to or call 012933213.

Tracking FAQ

Yes, just put a call through to 01 2933213 or send a message on WhatsApp to 09060005225

For further enquiries, please contact us